Headteacher                                         Mrs Amanda Donelan

Deputy Headteacher                           Mrs Joanne Cartmell

SENCO                                                  Mrs Anne Porter


Foundation Stage          


  • Miss Nikki Holmes  (Teacher)
  • Mrs Ali Lakin & Miss Monique Liversidge (Teaching Assistants)            


  • Miss Joanne Dawson & Mrs Claire Holmes (Teachers)
  • Mrs Jackie Kelly (Teaching Assistants)                 


Year 1                                                                       

  • Miss Clodagh O’Sullivan (Teacher)                                    
  • Mrs Margaret Allman (Teaching Assistant)      
  • Mrs Cathy Barr (Teaching Assistant)                          

Year 2                                                                       

  • Mrs Joanne Chapman-Roberts (Teacher)                                   
  • Mrs Lisa Greenop (Teaching Assistant)  


Year 3                                                                        

  • Mrs Joanne Cartmell (Teacher)                                               
  • Miss Sharon Bunnell (Teaching Assistant)    

Years 4                                                                       

  • Mr David Ravenscroft (Teacher)                                              
  • Mrs Lisa Brandrick (Teaching Assistant)                                    

Year 5                                                                       

  • Mrs Nicky Tweddle (Teacher)                                              
  • Mrs Liann Derbyshire (Teaching Assistant)                             

Years 6                                                                       

  • Mrs Sandra Burrows (Teacher)             
  • Mrs Liann Derbyshire (Teaching Assistant)                                

Family Liaison & PPA cover                                   

  • EYFS & KS1  Miss Sarah Head                                   
  • KS2              Mrs Therese 

Number on Role & Attendance

We are able to accept a maximum of 30 children into each year group. Once  children are of legal school age (from the     September following their fourth birthday) they must attend full time school every day. We ask parents to telephone to report absence and illness and children must be signed in and out of school for medical  appointments. Children must not take family holidays during term time and permission for exceptional circumstances must be sought from the Headteacher. 

School Timings

School opens        8.55am                                   

Morning Break      10.30—10.45

Lunch      FS 11.30am  KS1 11.45 am   KS2 12.00pm

School Closes  3.30pm