At Holy Spirit, we use the Read Write Inc (RWI) Phonics Programme to get children in EYFS and Key Stage 1, off to a flying start with their language, reading and writing skills. RWI Phonics is a method of learning centred around letter sounds and phonics, and we use it to aid children in their reading and writing. Each member of staff has received extensive Ruth Miskin Training, rated outstanding by Ofsted, to ensure consistent practice across the whole school.


Please watch this helpful tutorial for further information.




How does RWI Phonics help children read?

  • Learn 44 sounds and the corresponding letter/letter groups using simple picture prompts

  • Learn to read words using Fred Talk

  • Read lively stories featuring words they have learned to sound out

  • Show that they comprehend the stories by answering questions.

Please watch Sylvie to help your child use the correct pronunciation of sets 1, 2 and 3 sounds.




How does RWI Phonics help children write?

  • Learn to write the letters/letter groups which represent 44 sounds.

  • Learn to write words by saying the sounds in Fred Talk

  • Write simple sentences


Please watch this video to help your child use the correct handwriting formation of the letters.




How can you support your child with RWI Phonics at home?

We have included some support materials, to help you help your child at home. Please click on the links below or if you have any problems downloading these files or would like a paper copy, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

           READ WRITE INC LEVELS                                 PHONICS RHYMES    

           SIMPLE SPEED SOUNDS                                      COMPLEX SPEED SOUNDS

           SET 1 SOUND MAT                                               SET 2 AND 3 SOUND MAT                                     

You will also find a wealth of  RWI Phonics information on the internet.

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If you require any further information about the programme, please feel free to contact our English Lead, Mrs Trentham, via the school office, who will be more than happy to help you.