Religious Education


As a Joint Church School our Christian faith is at the heart of all we do. Our school Ethos Group have chosen the gospel values of  Friendship, Love, Respect, Forgiveness, Hope and Servicewhich underpin all aspects of school life and flow through every curriculum subject. 

Religious Education is provided for all children as part of the curriculum and is in accordance with Come and See, the agreed Catholic syllabus. To recognise our joint church traditions and distinctiveness, the syllabus has been adapted with Anglican considerations to ensure the fullness of both churches is celebrated and understood. We encourage our children to ask questions and wonder about the world around them and as a result have adopted the Christian approach of What If...? Learning in our classrooms. The aim is to ensure teaching and learning is distinctively Christian whatever the subject or age group being taught. As with all curriculum subjects, our Religious Education curriculum has strong links with our Rights Respecting School approach and philosophy, enabling all our children to develop their social and moral values in all they do.

Assembly is an important part of our school day when we meet together as a community. It is a time when it is possible to share the Gospel values, to place emphasis on the development of values and attitudes towards each other and the world around us. Daily acts of collective worship are seen as an important and integral part of our faith life at school.  It provides us with the opportunity to come together to share our love of God and His word and the teachings of Jesus.

The children also learn about other world religions. We love to welcome vistitors into our school to share their faith or visit their places of worship.

Faith Life

We are a Voluntary Aided Catholic and Church of England Primary School under the direction of the Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury and the Anglican Diocese of Chester. This means that our school has a commitment to fostering self worth and value amongst everyone who passes through our door. We work hard to establish an atmosphere of calm and understanding where our children feel secure and cared for. We are an inclusive school and welcome children and families from every faith.

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We enjoyed a visit from the Archbishop of New Zealand and the Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome,the Most Reverend David Moxon

We enjoyed a visit from the Archbishop of New Zealand and the Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome,the Most Reverend David Moxon

The school’s chair of governors is our Catholic priest, Father John Feeney and he is supported by our Anglican vicar, Graham Cousins. Together they are involved in the daily lives of our children and their families. 

We welcome families to join us for Collective Worship on Tuesday mornings and both Parishes offer support to families in whatever way they can. This ranges from charitable care and providing courses for parents, to developing extended hours and flexibility to support the needs of families.

Children are offered preparation classes to for communion and both members of the clergy are in school early on the morning of their services should families wish to see them.

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You can also contact Father John Feeney or Reverend Graham Cousins via the school office or at the following e-mail addresses: