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“In the living love of Jesus, we try to love tenderly, act justly and walk humbly with God”

To teach and encourage the celebration of the Anglican and Catholic faith and thereby promote a good Christian Community, at the centre  of which we worship God.

To develop and teach a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, appropriate to the needs of the individual child and to acknowledge and develop fully each child’s potential within a caring environment.

To work towards each child’s realisation of self-esteem and to recognise the contributions which can be made by all children in the use of their individual talents and qualities.

To value the contribution of each staff member and encourage them to undertake training for their own development and the good of the school.

To foster an openness in communication and relationships within the school and community in the decision making process.

To forge links between home, school and parish and within the world wide community.


To help children understand what our school ethos means they have worked with teachers to develop our mission into a school prayer.




Our School Prayer

This is our school where we show love to one another and love of God.

Where we learn and grow together to be the best that we can be.

Help us to remember how special we are to our friends, family and to you God.

Help us to use our special gifts and talents to share the light and love of your work.

Help children, families and adults share ideas to make our school a better place.